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Meeting Lives
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A new voice that arm-twists the reader to not merely listen but to think, this book, mainly an acute investigation of human relations, challenges conventionalities and flouts expectations on many fronts. Tulsi Badrinath's debut may well turn out to be an event.

- Ashish Nandy

A moving portrait of an Indian mother, mixing her parental feelings and her search for the divine.

- Roberto Calasso

Meeting Lives

Meeting Lives telescopes the time and space of myths, history and reality to recreate Aditi's experience of life. But who is Aditi? Self-discovery is a process of growth, of travelling in the mind. The meaning of life is not immediately grasped by Aditi even as it unfolds before her. However, when she looks back into her past, happenings arrange themselves to suggest a story, the story of her life that exists simultaneously with other narratives, other lives. This sets Aditi off in search of lost time, while propelling her slowly towards time regained, the time of stillness, and a crucial decision...


  • The Book Review This is an elegantly written book about life in upper-crust Adyar (Chennai), where the jasmine flowers flourish,
    and ritual, dance and music go hand-in-hand with the routine chores of bringing up children, and running a house.

  • The Little Magazine Tulsi Badrinath's Meeting Lives was on the longlist of the Man Asian Literary prize. It is easy to read and the
    translated verses from the Upanishads and biographical texts of revered Vedantins that liberally intersperse the narrative are a
    pleasant surprise. This allows the author to travel in time and history and connect the vignettes to the present time and the physicality
    of the storyscape.

  • The Deccan Herald Fresh breeze that has come into Indo-Anglia...

  • DNA Beautifully illustrated, Meeting Lives is a must-read for mothers, sons, daughters and, definitely, husbands and fathers.

  • Indian Express On some pages, this novel is about its protagonist Aditi's everyday existence. Other pages transport you to other worlds.

  • Sawnet Tulsi Badrinath has a beautifully simple style of writing and she slips through many eras and generations seamlessly

  • First City Magazine The fragmented fissures of a dancer-mother-woman's life, told in an earnest, searching tone.

  • Jetwings Magazine Written by a danseuse, Tulsi Badrinath, 'Meeting Lives' truly is a debut that is far from today's ordinary ones.

  • The Eclectic Magazine Having been longlisted for the Man Asian Literary Prize 2007, the book is also a literary delight in terms of
    language, visual imagery, and the manner of presentation.


Tulsi Badrinath

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